Prepare for your Massage

Arrive 15 minutes early because you will need to fill out an intake form.  You and your therapist will need time to talk before the massage begins.

Do not eat, take medications, or drink alcohol 1-1/2 to 2 hours before your appointment.  Bathe on the day of your massage appointment. Women do not shave your legs on the day of your massage.  No perfumes, colognes or heavily scented lotions, hairsprays or smoking odor.
Begin the process of relaxing by deep, relaxed breathing as you sit and wait.  Be prepared to disrobe if you are having traditional bodywork  If you are having Craniosacral, Zero Balancing, Urgent Care Medical Massage, Reiki, Flower Essence, or Feldenkrais, you need not  disrobe.  If you have concerns about disrobing, discuss them with your therapist, but keep in mind that your therapist's work may be more effective without the encumbrance of clothing.  He or she will support your preference of keeping something on, if he or she can effectively work in spite of the clothing.  Note:  You will be draped at all times by a sheet to protect your modesty

Be prepared to remove jewelry, watches and rings.  (It is best not to wear them to your appointment - frequently people leave without their jewelry and have to make a return trip.
Discuss any recent surgeries or injuries you may have experienced or changes/additions in medication  Do not take medications within 2 hours of your massage.

Be prepared, you are going to experience body awareness.  Pay attention to the amount of pressure, note any  pain or other sensitivities and inform your therapist of this.  Your feedback will guide them in how best to proceed.

Touch is very powerful.  Among the benefits may be emotional releases.  Since we store emotional repressions in our bodies, touch sometimes begins the process of releasing "old stuff".  If the emotions are intense, one may want to consider some counseling sessions.  Physical release of toxins is a primary response to a circulation massage.  It is important to flush toxins by drinking water.  you will be offered a cup of water at the conclusion of your massage.  Please continue yo drink water after you leave.

To talk or not to talk.  Talking is optional and is up to you.  Some people think talking during one's massage is a way to release the tension of the day.  If one feels a beneficial need to talk, then do so.  However, not talking truly allows one to surrender into profound relaxation and creates greater awareness of one's body and overall responses to the experience.
Breath deeply.  Research shows that the longer this stress response, the longer we shallow breathe.  Shallow breathing increases tension and tension causes us to shallow breathe. Diaphragmatic breathing, bringing one's breath deep into the diaphragm, is very important and produces many positive benefits.

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The Best Treatment For You

You can select the type of massage that best fits your needs. 
Some of your massage options include:
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Prenatal Massage

Enjoy your massage experience.  Expect and allow yourself deep relaxation  Be prepared for a change in your overall state.  We are generally unaccustomed to being deeply relaxed.  So, if  upon completion of your massage, you feel slightly disoriented don't worry - full relaxation is a major change  of consciousness



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