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Your work on my neck, head and the  cranial sacral work  resulted in  some improved posture and longer neck which I am trying to be mindful of throughout the day. ALSO, balance is a continual challenge in yoga and balance class so it was neat to feel I could balance better when I went to yoga class. I know sometimes it is better on some days for everybody, but I never have good days so this was a notable improvement for that time. Hope it continues.

Margie worked on my foot every month after surgery and a year later I am hiking 5 miles without pain....amazing!

You were the best ever!  Came home, hot shower later feel better than ever.

Wanted to let you know I am amazed at the relief I am still experiencing from   your class on Sunday. I haven't been without this pain for over 15 years. My     lower back pain and hip pain are gone and I have minimal shoulder pain.

"Patient, Compassionate, Talented and Knowledgeable.  Beyond All Else!!"

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This therapy has changed my life in so many ways!  SO grateful that Margie has been gifted with the passion and knowledge to serve her clients!  Thank you, Margie!  I sit up straighter and have so much less neck pain since you started working on me.

Wonderful!! Dad should be back home this afternoon. I know he is looking forward to continuing with treatment. Dad is extremely pleased with the results!! Thank you so,so much for giving my dad the gift of hope. His outlook on life is now positive and he feels so much better. 

​Holy Cow!  That last session was enormously valuable.
  Unending gratitude to you for your commitment to health and well being and   for the talents you've learned to implement that commitment.

I just wanted to tell you that doing the lymph work brings a massage session to a whole new level.  My clients are loving it.  thank you so much for introducing me to lymph work.

Hugs, Alice

I sang your praises to everyone at church this morning who asked me about my back.  I recommended you highly.  I love how you explained everything that you were doing and how the body all works together.  You have inspired me to be more intentional about taking care of my physical being in my senior years.Type your paragraph here.

Always a great enjoyable lesson
Can't wait until I can learn more
Informative, amazing class
Outstanding Margie!  very clearly explained with nuances.  Thank you!
The instructor is very organized, knowledgable and very proficient and joyous in sharing that knowledge

Awesome session - I really felt all muscles firing playing golf over the      weekend.  Still a little sore...all in all - excellent.

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