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What Are The Benefits of Lymph Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massages are not as well known as other types of massage in the United States, yet they provide numerous health benefits.  The international Alliance of healthcare Educators states that lymph drainage massages are done in a specific rhythm and direction to increase &/or break up stagnation of the flow of the lymphatic system in the body.  Both people with medical needs and those who are healthy can benefit from lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage has the following benefits...

  1. Increases healing after surgery by regnerating tissue to reduce scarring at surgical sites.  One should wait 6 weeks after surgery.
  2. Helps with better breastfeeding by reducing the swelling or engorgemtn an lessens incidence of plugged ducts.
  3. Lymphatic drainage massage increases the function of the immune system and the production of antibodies that fight off infection.  If lymphatic flow decreases the immune system weakesn.
  4. Reduction of inflammation in the body that causes diseases like arthritis.
  5. Increases relaxation response and reduction of pain due to the direct connection of the autonomic nervous system with each lymph capillary resulting in more vitality and well-being.

Lymph Shower Sequence

The following directions accompany the watershed diagram's.

Wash with exfoliation gloves daily following the written directions below.  These gloves can be purchased at the dollar store or Wallmart.

Step 1:  Open subclavian blood vessel at anterior neck 3-5x

Step 2:  Open axillary Lymph Node

Step 3:  Open external Iliac Nodes & Inguinal Nodes

Step 4:  Reach behind neck and scrub with pulling forward strokes to the subclavian

Step 5:  Use short scrub strokes beginning just inferior of axillary and push into the axillary, scrub sequentially dow the arm with upward pulling strokes.

Step 6  Follow the diagram of the hand...scrub the palm of hand upward, anterior fingers distal, back of fingers upward, pull hypo and hyper-thenar eminence's around to front of wrist and then back up the foreqrm to the aixllary.

Step 7:  To clean R & L chest above the waist, scrub short strokes starting just below the axillary and backing outward to the waist pulling sequentially inward with each stroke.

Step 8:  Reach under the R & L armput to back and pull forward to axillary to clean back lymph.

Step 9:  Open External iliac Nodes pressing into the right and left ilium 3-5x

Step 10: Reach bothhands behind waist and pull forward lymph to the lower back.

Step 11: Open Inferior Inguinal nodes by reaching both hands behind the inner thighs and pressing into the inferior inguinal nodes pulling forward.

Step 12: Reach both hands behind the gluts and pull forward to inginal nodes.

Step 13: Reach behind the upper thighs to the mid-posterior thigh wateshed line and pull forward the posterior thigh sequentially moving down the thigh and leg.  Pump the popliteal nodes behind the knee upward as one gets to the knee.

Step 14: Curl finger under the foot to the midline and press/pull into the bottom of the foot, followed by a finger roll to the bottom of the foot to pump the lymph upward from the foot.

You have pumped the superficial lymph throughout the entire body by washing with this pattern.