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  • What if you could see a dynamic picture of your health before you fell ill? Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselor    Theresa L. Rohe, CNHP can identify key areas of your health that need immediate attention.

  • Are you taking too many supplements or not enough?  Isn't it time for a nutritional tune-up? 

  • Do you have digestive disorders, low energy, muscle cramping, poor sleep, high stress, poor immune, sugar cravings, foggy head, constipation, concerns about heavy metals, toxins?

With every heart beat, a gushing river of bright red liquid travels through about 60,000 miles of blood vessels inside the body.  Each adult body contains about 12 lbs. of blood, teeming with a variety of cells and nutrients including red and white blood cells, platelets, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and the list goes on.  The components are present in a precise ratio, and any abnormal change in the concentration of one of them can create a crisis that may have an impact on your overall health and total well-being.  

Live Blood Microscopy is a picture of your health right now, ... a single drop of live blood placed under a high-powered microscope. Standardized in 1994, this test uses a precise graphing and counting method known as the Tracy Method. This 30 minute educational session can pinpoint over 27 nutritional deficiencies, such as enzyme deficiency, oxygen depletion, low mineral transport, toxic build up, metabolic inefficiency, hydration and electrolite levels, digestive turbulence and immune function.

You will see a living picture of your blood on a monitor and will discuss a wide spectrum of very useful information for improving your health through proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.