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​Craniosacral Massage Program

NCBTMB Approved 
Craniosacral for Massage Therapist 
Instructor: Margie Schaeffer, M.Ed, LMT 
Hourly fee for class instruction at Synergy  $15   
Program begins when 8 students have registered. 

This class is designed for massage therapists to be able to give basic CST sessions and integrate CST skills

fluidly into massage sessions. The CST basic program classes are open to bodywork practitioners and the public as well.

Dates of Classes listed on Continuing Ed. page

Class 1.    CST Muscle Massage        
Class 2.    Stillpoint Induction, Fascia Balancing, Cranial Fluid Monitoring
Class 3.    Dura Tube, Cranial Base, Nerve Connective Tissue Balancing
Class 4.    Vertical Cranial Meninges Balancing
Class 5.    Horizontal Cranial Meninges Balancing
Class 6.    TMJ External & Internal Mouth Balancing
Class 7.    Integration of Craniosacral & Massage 
Class 8.    3-Dimensional Craniosacral Techniques
Total = 48 Classroom Hours @ $720

Take-Home Exam Objective & Subjective Questions Fee $50
4 Hours Final Practicum for 2 massage therapist to do together on site at Synergy. Fee $100 per individual 
Total 52 Hours 
Total instructional Fees $870

Required Supplies:
CST Air Mat TBA available on line
Textbook:  An introduction to Craniosacral Therapy by Don Cohen, D.C.

Dynamic Craniosacral
Used or new at Amazon or elsewhere for $12.99 new and $4.05 - $9.71 used
CSMT Laminated Sequence Guide $5.00 each
Sheets, 2 pillow cases, lubricant and all hand-outs are to be brought to every class.
Massage tables supplied at Synergy.  (Classes offered elsewhere may require you to bring a massage table.) This craniosacral  program is not in associated with the Upledger craniosacral programs.  It is independently designed for massage therapist, bodyworkers & the public created by Margie Schaeffer and approved by the NCBTMB provider #450466-08 status.  If a massage therapist has studied cranioscral with Margie or with Upledger Institute it is possible to test out of some portions of the program.


Lymph Massage Program

MCBTMB Approved Provider #450644

Instructor: Margie Schaeffer, M. Ed, LMT
The lymph program is designed to be studied in 1 day classes every couple of months to be affordable time-wise and monetarily.  Margie received her basic instruction through the Chikly method and has developed a massage specific lymphatic curriculum from private practice application, where she works both with orthopedic and palliative care cases such as oncology, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and parkinson's to name a few.  Core to this 9 class program is instruction of the lymph pulse, lymph watersheds, re-routing of lymph vessels from trauma and incremental depth application of the lymph techniques to various soft tissue layers.  This lymphatic program will instruct one in traditional lymphatic massage as well as usage within regular clinical or relaxation massage sessions. 

Hourly fee for class instruction at Synergy $15 
($90 per 6 hour class)

Program begins when 8 students have registered.
Dates are either Saturday or Sunday 10am - 5pm 6 NCB Hrs

Class 1   Traditional Lymphatic Massage Techniques Day 1
Class 2    Lymph Muscle Massage 8 hours Day 2    
Class 3    Lymph Muscle Massage & Lymph Cupping 
Class 4    Lymph Palliative Care Techniques 
Class 5     Lymph Wrinkle Massage          
Class 6     Lymph Breast Massage & Rerouting, Scar Work 
Class 7     Lymph Incremental Layers
Class 8     Visceral Lymphatic Drainage

Class 9     Integration of Lymph with Massage

Total Hours = $945

Practicums (Full Body Traditional and Massage Integration) 4 hours   $100 Self Scheduled
Written Exam   $50 on-line
Total Fee = $1095

Required Textbooks:  (may be purchased used)
Silent Waves Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy by Bruno Chikly, M.D.D.O.
Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter, M.D.

NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Courses Instructed at Synergy

​The use of ceragem bed, seasonal heated swimming pool with lap lane, meditation labyrinth and gardens are included with any class at Synergy.  All classes are open to licensed massage therapist, bodyworkers & the public for self-care, family & friends. Please inquire.


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