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Margie Schaeffer

Organic Farm Food Drop at Synergy every other Wednesday
Pick up products from the cooler on the back porch
Raw Milk, Yogurt, Cheeses, Fermented Foods, Meats, Nuts & more!
Call for more information! 

​​​​​Feldenkrais Class  
Instructor: Bob Hunter Wednesdays 11am - noon $10 per class

Bob Hunter has been a Feldenkrais teacher for 20 years. 

Prior to that he was a museum curator at the Smithsonian,

took up farming, hurt his back, was a community organizer/lobbyist,

returned to art history, and finally, thank heavens,

discovered the Feldenkrais Method.  An enthusiastic nature lover and

an avid gardener, Bob lives in rural Pennsylvania. 

He maintains a private practice, teaches workshops, and serves as a mentor to Feldenkrais students and practitioners.

Events at Synergy Open to the General Public

​​​Live Blood Microscopy 

June, August, October, December, 2020

Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselor, Theresa L. Rohe, CNHP will help achieve questions you have been asking. A session can help you see a dynamic picture of your health and help identify key areas that need immediate attention through a single drop of blood. Personal 30 min sessions $65.00 ($35 deposit required) . ​


Dr. Sarah Amedoro, PsyD, CYT

Living a Heart Centered Life

​To Be Rescheduled...

Cost $50 - Space will be limited.

email Dr.Sarah.Amedoro@gmail.com to reserve your spot

Please join us as we gather to celebrate living from our hearts. 

This offering will begin with an introductory discussion

of what it means to live a heart centered life. 

We will then explore asana, pranayama and meditation

practices designed to activate and open Anahata (heart) chakra.

Our gathering will culminate with a ceremonial cacao circle, in which we will play, share vulnerably, support each other, and sing our prayers.

With a background in clinical psychology and as a yoga instructor Dr. Sara brings a unique combination of clinical training and holistic healing to her offerings.  She is committed to creating a safe container in which participants are committed to dive deep to cultivate connection within and without.  She is excited to share the medicine of breath, movement, intention, song, and community.