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​​​​What People Are Saying About Our Continuing Ed Classes

  Always a great enjoyable lesson.  
  Can't wait until I can learn more....Informative, amazing class.

 Wanted to let you know I am amazed at the relief I am still experiencing from your class on Sunday. I haven't been without this pain for over 15 years. My lower back pain and hip pain are gone and I have minimal shoulder pain.

  God blessed me with your knowledge!

  Many thanks and warm regards for an AMAZING class on Saturday for      TMJ.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and compassion is     inspiring!

  I look forward to taking more classes from you!

  Holy Cow!  That last session was enormously valuable.
  Unending gratitude to you for your commitment to health and well being and  for the talents you've learned to implement that commitment.
  See you soon.

  With deep gratitude,

Continuing Ed Classes 2018 - 2019

To Register Call 877-372-6617 

​​​​​​​​​Margie will instruct any class in her curriculum upon request either at Synergy or out at your location. Let me know what you would like to study. When half the world is giving massage & half the world is receiving then there will be PEACE.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Synergy Massage and Wellness Center

Continuing Education Schedule for 2018-19

Lymph Palliative Care for FM, Diabetes, Oncology & Other Diseases
  • Saturday October 27 from 9am - 6pm 8 NCB Hours $120      The Pre-requisite for this class is to be able to
palpate the lymphatic pulse or to have taken Traditional Lymphatic Massage Day 1 & Day 2 classes in the Lymphatic Drainage Massage Program at Synergy.

Lymphatic Breast Massage, Scar Release and Rerouting
  • Saturday November 10, 8 NCB Hours  $120 from 9am - 6pm
This class is part of the lymphatic drainage program and has pre-requisites of Traditional Lymphatic 1 & 2 & Lymphatic Palliative Care Classes. Learn how to work loose scar tissue with lymphatic drainage & manual therapy techniques, that may allow the body to regrow new lymph capillaries where the scar tissue prevented lymph flow. Also, learn how to assess the re-routing of the lymphatic flow in the body after trauma, surgery, radiation, or repetitive use and work with the new flow direction.

Dura Tube, Cranial Base, Nerve Connective Tissue Balancing
  •  Saturday November 17, 2018 from 9am - 6pm  8 NCB Hours

Instructor: Margie Schaeffer, M,Ed., LMT

This is the third class of the CranioSacral for Massage Therapy 8 Class Program. One will learn how to release the meninges of the Dura Tube that connects the cranum to the sacral, release the occipital from the first cervical vertebra and lastly release and balance the horizontal connective tissue bands of the body. Open to those who have taken the first 2 classes of the CST program with Margie or to anyone who has studied CST and wants a refresher!

Medical Qi Gong for Massage Therapist
  • Saturday December 8 from 9am - 4pm 6 NCB Hours $90
  • 4 - 6 pm An additional 2 NCB hours $30 will be instructed in any NCB class Margie is approved to instruct for those desiring 8 hours of continuing education. 
PA is allowing 6 of 24 hours of energy studies for every 2 year renewal period
MD accepts only NCBTMB approved classes & the NCBTMB does not accept any energy classes so this class will not be accepted for MD massage therapist, however, open to all to take to improve your abilities !
Instructor: Margie Schaeffer
Instruction in self care purging/grounding/filling/sending energetics, followed by instruction of energetics of purging/ filling/sealing & moving client energy on the table. Margie will have completed the Practitioner Level Medical Qi Gong at the East Coast Medical QiGonfg Institute. She has found after 28 years of practice that cleaning the energy of a client first makes client releases much easier.

PA Ethics

  • Saturday January 5, 2019  10 - 2pm 4 NCB hrs $60

Basic CPR Class (approved PA Massage)
This is the only time CPR will be offered at Synergy
for the 1-31-19 Pa Renewal Cycle.
  • Sunday December 9, 2019  10am & 2pm classes  (6 minimum & 12 maximum per class)
  • Margie is taking this class...please come join me!
  • Instructors: Krista Young, LMT & Pat Place, RN
  • Fee: $50 for Practicum Instruction (Cash or Check payable on day of class) 
Call Synergy at 877-372-6617 to register. 
 American Heart Association good for 2 years. Cards will be emailed to you the next day!
 Meets Pa & MD CPR Requirement. 

Your Choice! Margie will teach one of the following 3 classes!

Whichever fills up first!

​Saturday January 12, 2019  from 9am - 6pm 8 NCB hours $120

1. Gua Sha..Skin Scrapping
  •  Learn how to use rose quartz, jade, agate hand tools of many shapes to release fascia restrictions. Tools will be   provided or bring your own!  Gua Sha tools available for under $10 on Amazon. Comfortable gentle to deep   work. A facial protocol will be included. Comfortable releases       for clients.  Saves your thumbs for sure!!!! 

2. Lymph Muscle Massage & Lymph Cupping.
  • Learn how to release pain and stagnation from specific muscles manually as well as with silicone and vacuum cups with/without magnets.  

3. Fascia Blaster Techniques: Orthopedic Conditions & Cellulite
  • Learn how to use the Fascia Blaster tools you may have seen on Face Book. The class will instruct how to eliminate cellulite on abdomen, thighs, upper arms, as well, as to relieve adhesions/pain throughout the body. Margie is so impressed with these tools even after 28 years of practice!!! Recommended to bring a fascia/Blaster tool to class... either the medium size 2 claw or the small face/neck 3 claw tool which are $65 on Amazon or FasciaBlaster.com     A limited number of loaner tools will be available in class.

Neural Inhibition Stretch Techniques for Massage
  • Saturday January 19, 2019  9am - 6pm 8 NCB hours  $120
         Stretching is the secret to relieving client Pain complaints! Learn how to safely position clients in sustained                   stretches to unravel connective tissue covering of nerves, tendons and muscles that results in the bone                         realignment in the gravitational field due to the softening of the soft tissue.
         Bring sheets, pillow cases, oil or lotion.​