Continuing Ed Classes 2019

​​​​What People Are Saying About Our Continuing Ed Classes

  Always a great enjoyable lesson.  
  Can't wait until I can learn more....Informative, amazing class.

 Wanted to let you know I am amazed at the relief I am still experiencing from your class on Sunday. I haven't been without this pain for over 15 years. My lower back pain and hip pain are gone and I have minimal shoulder pain.

  God blessed me with your knowledge!

  Many thanks and warm regards for an AMAZING class on Saturday for      TMJ.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and compassion is     inspiring!

  I look forward to taking more classes from you!

  Holy Cow!  That last session was enormously valuable.
  Unending gratitude to you for your commitment to health and well being and  for the talents you've learned to implement that commitment.
  See you soon.

  With deep gratitude,


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 Wellness Center

To Register Call 877-372-6617 

Margie plans to continue to instruct NCBTMB classes until 2014.  After that time she may retire.  So don't put off plans for her classes too much longer.

Synergy now has an airbnb room available for anyone traveling in for classes.  $55 per night.  Sleeps up to 2

New Non-NCBTMB Class in The Fall

Yoga Trapzee.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Synergy Massage and Wellness Center

Continuing Education Schedule for 2019

Lymphatic Visceral Techniques Lymphatic Class #7
  • Learn how to do lymphatic drainage of the major organs of the body.  A Lab oriented class! Pre-requisite:  One feels the lymphatic pulse.

Lymphatic Drainage of Incremental Layers of Soft Tissue #8
  • Participants will learn to identify lymphatic flow off the body, skin, superficial fascia, myofascia, muscle and periosteum bone level of tissue. Pre-requisite:  One feels the basic lymphatic pulse.Sunday June 2 from 9am - 6pm 8 NCBTMB Hours Fee:  $120 Instructor:  Margie Schaeffer, M.Ed, LMT

Sinus Massage Techniques
  • Saturday September 14 from 9am - 6pm Lymphatic, craniosacral, and orthopedic techniques will be integrated to drain stagnation of client sinuses.  No pre-requisites.  Detailed power point and hand-outs will be presented.Instructor;  Margie Schaeffer, M.Ed, LMT

Lymphatic Class #9 Integration of Lymphatic Drainage with Massage
  • Saturday September 28th 8 NCB Hours.  Fee: $80  Protocols will be presented and practiced for orthopedic/systemic conditions.  Pulse checks will be done on instructor by participants.Instructor:               Margie Schaeffer, M.Ed, LMT

Qigong Techniques for Massage Therapist Accepted by PA Massage Board for 6 CEH Hours

  • Saturday October 19  from 100am - 5pm  $90 6 hours approved by PA Massage Therapy Board.  Learn a 6000 year old Chinese method of centering and grounding that allows you to work safely with clients by hooking up to the universal life force instead of depleting your own energy.  Also, learn Qigong methods for working with clients on the table.  Instructor: Margie Schaeffer, MEd, LMT. Qigong Practitioner2. 

Gua Sha Techniques for Massage

  • ​Saturday October 26  from 9am - 6pm 8 NCBTMB Hours.  Fee:  $120  Instructor: Margie Schaeffer, M.Ed, LMTParticipants will learn painless skin scrapping using various tools made of rose quartz, jade, agate, fluorite, coins/or jar lids.  Tools will be supplied for participants or bring your own.  Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique appropriate in reducing pain in clients or self.  Learn how to cleanse lymphatic congestion, car tissue and soft tissue adhesions.  May be incorporated into a full body massage session or used as an orthopedic modality.

Craniosacral Class Program Resumes (Class open to LMT's and to Pubic for Family/Friends Care)
  • Saturday, November 16 from 9am - 6pm  8 NCBTMB Hours per class, Instructor:  Margie Schaeffer, M. ED, LMT  Please call to register.  Margie has students wanting to begin from the beginning of the CST program as well as students who have taken some of the classes and want to continue the program.  Once we have a minimum of 4 students for any one of the 8 classes Margie will set a date for instruction. 

  • Class 1 - CSMT Muscle Massage 
  • Class 2 - Stillpoint Induction, Fascia Balancing, CST Fluid Monitoring 
  • Class 3 - Dura Tube, Cranial Base, Nerve Connective Tissue
  • Class 4 - Vertical cranial Meninges Balancing 
  • Class 5 - Horizontal Meninges Balancing 
  • Class 6 - TMJ Eternal and Internal Mouth Balancing 
  • Class 7 - Integration of CST and Massage 
  • Class 8 - CSMT 3 - Dimensional Techniques

The following classes have been requested, however, not yet scheduled.

Core Alignment and Ball Rolling for Massage Therapist
         Learn safe and efficient body alignment (posture) and how to use inexpensive balls to roll out pain.
Ceiling Barre Massage Techniques
Learn how to massage with feet standing on the table
Fascia Blaster Massage Techniques 
Learn to use the fascia blaster tool for taught pain areas.


Ethics:  Transference/Counter-Transference

Additional Classes for 2020 will be posted soon!
requests are being taken:  Margie will instruct at the
following fee schedule any class she is approved to teach by the NBTMB
Private Tutoring $70 per hour
2 students @ $35 per hour
3 students @ 23 per hour
4 students @ 4 or more $15 per hour