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Continuing Ed Classes 2020-21

​​​​​What People Are Saying About Our Continuing Ed Classes

  Always a great enjoyable lesson.  
  Can't wait until I can learn more....Informative, amazing class.

 Wanted to let you know I am amazed at the relief I am still experiencing from your class on Sunday. I haven't been without this pain for over 15 years. My lower back pain and hip pain are gone and I have minimal shoulder pain.

  God blessed me with your knowledge!

  Many thanks and warm regards for an AMAZING class on Saturday for      TMJ.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and compassion is     inspiring!

  I look forward to taking more classes from you!

  Holy Cow!  That last session was enormously valuable.
  Unending gratitude to you for your commitment to health and well being and  for the talents you've learned to implement that commitment.
  See you soon.

  With deep gratitude,

To Register Call 877-372-6617 

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Margie plans to continue to instruct NCBTMB classes until 2024. Don't put off plans for her classes too much longer.

Synergy now has an airbnb room available for anyone traveling in for classes.  $50 for 1 &  $55 for 2

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Synergy Massage and Wellness Center

Continuing Education Schedule for 2020/21
Saturday classes at Synergy with Margie Schaeffer unless otherwise noted

All Continuing Education classes will be instructed both on-line

on ZOOM as well as in-person.

NCBTMB is allowing all Approved Providers to teach on-line during this challenge.



11/14/20. CranioSacral Dura Tube, Cranial Base,
                Nerve Connective Tissue Balancing
                     (Second class of CST Program) 
​         Saturday 10am-5pm  Fee $90 6 NCB Hours 
         Learn how to release imbalances in the dura tube covering of the spinal cord, release       
         tension between occipital bone and C1, and release the connective tissue of the spinal     
         nerve root and nerves throughout the body.
​         Pre-requisite:
         CST Stillpoint, Pulse, Diaphragm Release class or experience in these techniques.     


 Traditional Lymphatic Drainage Techniques 

Saturday December 5, 2020 Fee $90 6 NCB Hours
         This class includes lymphatic pulse/A&P of lymphatic system.  Emphasis on pulse identification along with learning watersheds of the body.

 Bring bottom sheet & 2 pillowcases. 


    Medical Qigong for Massage Therapist
  • TBA 2021 Saturday 10am-5pm 6 NBC Hours  Fee $90
        PA Massage Board will accept for 6 Hours

          5 students must be registered by 12/31/20 for a date to be set in 2021 as a special 

        application  must be approved by the Pa Massage Board.

January 2021

1/9/21 Ethics for PA - Open Forum Discussion 
                     Will be taught on Zoom    
  •   Saturday 1-5pm  4 NCB Hours  Fee $60
1/16/21 Stretching Table Techniques for Clients   
  •   Make your work more effective by adding stretching to your client  
          Wear sports bra/tank shirt and stretch shorts.
          Saturday 10am - 5pm  6 NCB Hours   Fee $90

1/23/21  Cupping Massage Traditional Techniques
           Saturday 10am - 5pm  6 NCB Hours   Fee $90    
          Cupping Techniques for Massage. Soft silicone and plastic vacuum cups will be provided.              Bring your own cups if you have them. 
          Bring a set of sheets, 2 pillow cases, oil/lotion.   ​​

1/30/21 New Class Gua Sha Cupping for Massage Therapist
  • ​   Learn how to integrate Gua Sha stone techniques and Cupping for painful                                  client conditions.  Saturday from 10am - 5 pm 6 NCB Hours Fee $90

3/20/21   Cupping Techniques for Massage

            Learn how to specifically open up wrinkles and release the lymphatic build up that gets     

            trapped.  Will include use of gua sha stones which will be provided unless you bring your

            own. Saturday 10 am - 5pm 6 NBC hours.  Fee $90

 TBA  Sinus and Eye Care Techniques

            Saturday 10am - 5pm Fee $90. Bring a set of sheets, 2 pillow cases
 Included in this class will be an Optic Nerve stretching technique that relieves pressure in              the eyes and improves vision.

5/29/21 Lymph Massage Palliative Care Techniques

9/18/21 Lymph Breast Care, Scar Release & Rerouting

11/13/21 Lymphatic Visceral Drainage

3/19/2022 Lymph Incremental Layers

6/4/2022 Integration of Lymphatic Drainage & Massage


TBA. Craniosacral Muscle Massage   
  •      Learn techniques to release the most common muscles that connect/cause imbalances to      the skull, vertebra and sacrum of the Craniosacral System. 
            This class can e taken by itself or as the first class of the Craniosacral 8 class                                  program 10am - 5pm  6 NCB Fee $90

Continuing Education Class Cancellation & Refund Policy 
  • Upon registration participants must provide a major credit card
  • A $50 fee will be charged fro anyone not showing up for class once registered
  • ​Special exemptions may apply
  • Classes may be repeated at half price
  • ​A minimum of 4 students must enrolled for a class to be held at $15 per hour.  If enrolment is less than 4 the class may stil be held if all participants are agreeable to the following increased fees.  The number of hours to cover the class material may be reduced with fewer students.
  • 3 students - fee of $23 per hour  2 students - fee of $35 per hour. 1 student - fee of $70 per hour.

Classes are not guaranteed to take place and could be cancelled due to low enrolment, weather, etc.  Please check with Synergy before you make plans or hotel or travel arrangements.  Synergy is not responsible for lost wages or expenses that occur from class cancellations/rescheduling.

Margie will instruct at the
following fee schedule any class she is approved to teach by the NCBTMB
Private Tutoring $70 per hour
2 students @ $35 per hour
3 students @ 23 per hour
4 students @ 4 or more $15 per hour